DIRIS Eigenschaften

The DIRIS B02-Board is a versatile video recorder. Variants support different resolution classes and multiple interface options.

B02 Box
DIRIS B02 Box (front side)
B02 Box
DIRIS B02 Box (back side)

Features of the DIRIS B02 Board:

  • External interfaces with standard sockets at one edge of the board (alternatively over a cable with IO adapters)
  • Size: 100 mm * 80 mm
    height ~25 mm (dependant on chosen interfaces)
  • Video-input (dependant on B02 variant):
    • FBAS + S-Video
    • YCbCr (Components)
    • HD-SDI
    • HDMI/DVI
    • Camera-LVDS (eg. Panasonic/Sony)
  • Video-output (dependant on B02 variant):
    • FBAS + S-Video
    • YCbCr (Components)
    • HD-SDI
    • HDMI/DVI
    • Display-LVDS (eg. Panasonic/Sony)
  • display with a maximum of a 100 ms delay
  • video recording in H.264-format
  • 3 resolutions: SD up to FullHD
  • Stereo audio, with an amplifier for microphone and headset
    PC and mobile headphones usable
    (with 2 or 1 headphone jacks)
  • multiple storage options:
    internal, SD-Card, USB, SATA
  • JPG pictures while recording (with Picture-In-Picture-display)
  • multiple control options:
    buttons, μC, network, time and power
    • UART as LVTTL, RS-232, RS-422/RS-485
      (headphone jack external or cable connection internal)
    • Ethernet with TFTP and/or Streaming
  • Auto-Split – automatic splitting of long recordings
  • Pre-Trigger – recording of footage of up to 60 seconds of the past
  • Overlay information in the recording
  • Status information as a display overlay
  • controllable and customizable OSD
  • connection of up to 4 buttons (or 2 buttons plus a rotating button) for controlling
  • connection of 2 two colored LEDs (memory and status) and 1x LED (power)
  • temperature range: -20..+80 °C (-40..85°C optional)
  • power supply 5..24 V (optional 2,5..36V)
  • usable with battery with: battery management system „ZPBC“
  • safe shutdown at a power outage with: Super-Cap-manager ZPCC

The DIRIS Board B02 can be delivered in various configurations depending on customers requirements.