Charging Regulation for Battery Packs

The "ZPBCM" is a small family of products for intelligent management of battery packs with a nominal voltage of 7.2 to 14.8 V (typ. 2-4 cells LiO/LiFePO4&sup1 or 6-12 Zellen NiMH). ZPBCM is connected as a T-piece among the power supply, battery and the device. It either works completely autonomous ("ZPBCMA") or communicates with the device ("ZPBCMB").

This ZPBCM-systems have the following properties²:

  • Control by integrated µC
  • High efficiency when loading and routing
  • 2 variants
Parameter ZPBCMA-25 ZPBCMB-25
ILoad Max 2,5 A 2,5 A
IInput Max 5 A 5 A
RVCCIN→OUT ca. 80 mΩ < 50 mΩ
RBATIN→OUT ca. 80 mΩ < 50 mΩ
ΗLOAD tbd. tbd.
IOFFmA 1,0..1,5 mA < 0,5 mA
UART-Config X X
F├╝llstand Spg. Ladg.
Größe 68 mm x 26 mm 68 mm x 26 mm

  • Wide input voltage range: 8..24 V
  • Deep Discharge protection and storage mode with 0.0 mA load
  • Extensive configuration options via UART on the PC, such as:
    • Permissible input voltage range
    • Max. input current
    • Max. charging current
    • Min. battery voltage (→ emergency shutdown)
  • Control of In- and Out-Signal

    A: Activation or charging information statically by IO
    B und C: Control and status information via UART

  • B und C: Exact measurement of the charge

  • B und C: Recording operating statistics

  • Storage mode (0.0 mA at certain state of charge)
  • Connection of 1 Push button / switch to control
  • Connection of 2-colors-LED for status signaling
  • Quality arresting sockets
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • ESD-Protection with ferrite and varistors on all 3 power connectors
  • Reverse polarity protection for power supply connector
  • Wide temperature range up to -20..+80 °C
    Charging from 0..+40 °C
Common External power supply for electronic system

Power supply with ZPBCM-Batterymanagement for electronic system

“ZPBCMA” – mechanics and interfaces

¹: Support of other lithium and other battery technologies available when needed.

²: All information is subject to final verification (apply the statements in the offer).

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