Modules enable various interface option on the same DIRIS Board. These IO modules all plug to the corresponding slot on a DIRIS-Board.

Diris-Logo VIO-HA-HAL – Video I/O module for HDMI and analogue with display LVDS (for B02-Board) VIO-HA-HAL
Diris-Logo VIO-A-AL – analogue video input/output und display-LVDS with touch (for B02-Board) VIO-A-AL
Diris-Logo VIO-Sdi-Sdi – video input HD-SDI / video output HD-SDI (for B02-Board) sdi
Diris-Logo VIO-Xcam-VHL – video input camera head “X-CAM” / video output VGA+HDMI und LVDS with touch (for B02-Board) xcam-vhl"/
Diris-Logo X-CAM – camera head with a range of up to 10 m xcam
Diris-Logo ZAAMP – audio amplifier module
Diris-Logo ZIU232 – UART-to-RS232 transmitter module
Diris-Logo ZIU422 – UART-to-RS422 transmitter module
Diris-Logo ZIUMTS – UMTS-transmitter module
Diris-Logo ZIWIFI – WLAN-transmitter module

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DIRIS Eigenschaften