Video recorder module “VRecsL”
  • Versatile capability with low CPU dimensions (e.g. “V-Recs S” with 32×65 mm²)
  • direct seamless connection of all peripherals, such as connectors, LEDs and buttons.
  • Low power consumption
  • 2 selectable video inputs (PAL or NTSC, Auto-detect):

    A. CVBS
    B. S-Video

  • 2 Recording Modes:
    • Single Image (JPEG)
    • Video (M-JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264)
  • Image during video recording
  • 2 optional parallel video outputs show the source video or playback of recorded / saved files:

    A. CVBS
    B. S-Video

  • 3 storage options:
    • MicroSD-Socket with cap (on board)
    • MMC/SD Card slot (external)
    • USB-Stick as MSC device (external)

    (Automatic detection of the memory card as the preferred storage)


  • different options for user interface, configuration and control
    • externally (see “Various Network Options”)
    • LEDs
    • externally connected dot matrix display
    • On-screen menu on video output for files, configuration and testing
    • Keys, rotary encoders: different modes: 1 to 4 buttons
    • touch-sensitive surface
  • Various network options for data transfer, configuration and control
    • UART
    • SPI
    • TWI
    • Ethernet (Hardware option)
    • USB MSC (Hardware option)
  • Integrated real-time clock (RTC)
    Automatic file names contain time stamp
  • Configurable overlay elements
    • Date/ Time
    • Bit Map graphics, e.g. Logo
    • fixed Text
  • Automatic file-separation
  • Master mode for the configuration allows selectable configuration options that are visible to the end user
  • PC software for generating configuration files
  • Through customer editable text elements allow individual terms and multiple language versions
  • All options may not be visible by the customer as defined for the end customer
  • Optional streaming of audio / video data via various interfaces to an external device, e.g. PC:
    • Ethernet
    • UART
    • USB
  • Various options for configuration and control:
    • Menu in the Output screen
    • local user interface integrated display
    • Real-time configuration via network
    • Upload configuration file
  • Evaluation system for fast start-up (see below)
  • Custom installation and configuration options for mass production
  • insensitive prev. shocks
  • Industrial temperature range
  • Branding for customer products possible (program icon, on the startup screen
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    Variants of the “VRecs”

    There are two different variants of the “VRecs” available.

    Feature VRecs S VRecs L
    Size (mm x mm) 32 x 65 40 x 75
    2 Terminals: Pin-hole, 2,0 mm Pitch, 2×10 Pins X
    2 Terminals: ERNI SMC family, 1,27 mm, 2×13 Pins
    2 Terminals: ERNI SMC family, 2×20 Pins X
    2 Holes for shock-resistant montage X X
    4 Holes for shock-resistant montage
    Power consumption, approx. 1.0..1.5 W 2.5…5.0W
    Connection current-, Status-, Storage-LEDs X X
    Connection 1 to 3 Buttons for user input X
    Connection 1 to 4 Buttons for user input X
    Video input (CVBS/S-Video) X X
    Video output (CVBS/S-Video/YCrCb/RGB) [X]
    Record JPG images: 720 x 576/480 X X
    CIF Video record M-JPEG, H.264 X
    Constrained video record X
    Video recording D1@25/30 Hz (Optional 720p, 1080i) X
    Video-Scaling for square Pixel recording 768×576 X
    Mono audio In- and Output [X]
    Stereo audio in- and output [X]
    MMC/SD-Card (externally) video/ audio storage 2 MByte/s > 6 MByte/s
    On-board MicroSD-Slot cover (up to 32 GB) 2 MByte/s > 6 MByte/s
    USB Stick video/ audio storage [X] [X]
    OSD menu on video output during playback and control X
    Overlay, Live-Video-Input for status information X
    external LCD-Display for status information / menu [X] [X]
    UART control and data transfer X X
    UART streaming (propriatary) [X] [X]
    USB device (V-Recs acts as MSC storage) [X]
    Ethernet: control and data transfer [X]
    Ethernet streaming (like RTSP) [X]
    Table 1: Comparison of different “V-Recs” variants:  — : Property not available

    [X] : Property as an option available

     X : Standard property

    Data rate for the SD card is limited by the throughput of the card.


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    “VRecs” Eval-Kit

    The DIRIS B02 Board is the evaluation system for the VRecsL

    The evaluation kit meets 4 demands:

    • Test environment for the usage and functional demonstration for the “VRecs L” CPU module
    • Acting as a reference for the integration of the “VRecs” into customer applications
    • reliable referential environment, that if needed – e.g. critical usage of the Vrecs in the final product of the customer – can verify the correct perfomance of the Vrecs CPU module
    • creation of configurations for transfer/copying to other “VRecs modules”

    The “VRecs L evaluation kit” consists of the following components:

    1. “VRecs eval box”:
      • CPU module “VRecs L”
      • “VRecs L IO board” with standard interfaces for the supported ports
      • fitting metal case with milled front plates
    2. MMC or SD card (plugged in the “VRecs eval box”)
    3. Camera (PAL)
    4. Power supply with 12 volts for the eval box and the camera (international adapters in the lining of the suitcase)
    5. FBAS video cable for connection of a monitor
    6. manual with wiring diagram and layout of the IO boards
    7. sturdy suitcase with stuffing inside for transport and storage
    8. 10x “Dual Row Vertical Male Connector (Type Q)” identical to the one on the IO board, fitting to the CPU module “VRecs L”.

    The parts mentioned above are already pre-assembled in the suitcase, so that the system is instantly operational after connecting it with power.


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    For additional information about the VRecs module please contact us directly, thank you.


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