OEM-Module for user triggered capture of images and video sequences

ImageFreezer PCB
Fig. 2: CPU and IO Modules

ImageFreezer EvalBox
Fig. 3: Evaluation-Box with Camera

ImageFreezer Diagram
Fig. 1: ImageFreezer-Both Platines


Product Status: replaced by “V-Recs S”

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Key Features

  • Image Capture of analog video source

  • PAL or NTSC (auto-detect)

  • shock-proof due to build-in storage
    (eg. 1 GB NAND Flash)

  • option to connect external MMC slot

  • storage capacity compressed (JPEG / M-JPEG)

  • >> 1.000 images depending on compression quality

  • approx 50,000 images 360 * 240 pixel resolution

  • 10 min to much more than 24h video recording depending one image parameters and memory size

  • Two recording modes

    • single image (JPEG)

    • video clip (M-JPEG in AVI file format)

  • Fast reaction to control buttons

  • integrated real time clock (RTC)
    Automatic filenames include time stamp

  • Power management saves RTC battery capacity

  • video overlay with date and time

  • Data read-out and configuration via USB (Full Speed)

  • Flexible configuration with PC-Software

  • Small outline of CPU-Module:
    65 mm * 30 mm

  • 2 holes for shock proof product assembly

  • Robust Evaluation System available
    Metal housing: 60 mm * 115mm * 35 mm

  • IO-Module serves as example for customer’s product integration

  • Industrial temperature grade

  • Low Power Consumption: approx 1.5 W

  • User defined assembly options for mass production

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