DIRIS Audio (USB Host)

DIRIS Audio (USB Slave / MSC device)

Key Features

  • Audio recording, transmission and play-back

  • 4 Audio interface option (hardware)

    • analog 16 bit @ 48 kHz

    • analog upto 24 bit @ 192 kHz

    • raw digital (I2S or TDM)

    • AES/EBU

  • optional amplified IOs

    • microphone (incl. bias voltage)

    • headphone

    • loudspeaker (upto 2* 15 W)

  • 3 digital audio formats

    • PCM

    • MP3

    • OggVorbis

  • 3 storage options

    • 1, 2, 4 or 8 Gbytes internal flash memory (hardware option)

    • MMC/SD Card slot (external)

    • USB-Stick as MSC-device (external)

  • different network options for audio transfer and device control

    • UART

    • SPI

    • DIRIS Bus (UART-over-LVDS daisy-chain, hardware option)

    • Ethernet (hardware option)

    • USB MSC (hardware option, restricted control)

  • different user interface options

    • none (remote control only)

    • LEDs or display

    • buttons or rotary position transducer

  • Configuration by different sources

    • local user interface

    • live configuration via network connection

    • configuration file upload

  • Integrated real time clock (RTC)

    • Automatic filenames include time stamp

  • shock proof product assembly

  • Industrial temperature grade (Option)

  • PC-Software “DIRIS Admin” for live configuration/control or for generating configuration files

    • all text elements editable by customer to allow individual wording and multiple language support

    • all options may be defined by customer as not visible to end user

  • boxed product includes all interface connectors (serves as reference system for customer specific variants on request)

  • core module with standard connectors available for OEM integration.

  • Low Power Consumption: (depending on CPU, operation mode, optional components)

  • User defined assembly options for mass production

  • Branding for customer products possible (program icon, start screen on monitor…)


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