The DIRIS boxes of the “VP” series are robust video players for digital signals, passenger information and industry displays. There are different variants, for example with different resolution classes and with different network ports.

  • Video ports: FBAS/S-Video, YCrCb, RGB, HDMI/DVI

  • Video format: H.264 (bis 20 Mbit/s), JPG

  • 3 resolution classes: SD up to 800×600, HD1 up to 1366×768 and HD2 up to 1920×1080

  • Audio format: PCM or AAC Stereo sound, with headphone jack

  • Storage options: internal storage, SD card, USB

  • Many different options for controlling/configuration: SMIL- or M3U-Playliste 4 buttons (on the device), μC (per UART) network
    • WLAN
    • UMTS

    automatic updating per SMIL, CMS

  • 2 times dual color LED (mtatus and memory)
  • Temperature ranges: 0..70 °C, -20..80 °C, -40..+85 °C
  • Power supply 7..30 V optional: battery with LiFePO4-batteries, dual color power LED (three colors with battery)
  • On/off switch per power supply (even while updating)
  • Software update per storage medium or network (SMIL)
  • High quality aluminium case (completely sealed), installation: flange or top-hat rail

Image 1: DIRIS-Box VPB (prototype with control / external storage)


Image 2: DIRIS-Box VPB front side without controls and storage (with aerial input), with flange

Image 3: DIRIS-Box VPB back side with audio, different video ports and ethernet, with flange, original size



Below is explained what’s theoretically possible with the DIRIS boxes from the VP series. Only the in the offer declared properties are guaranteed for customer specific demands.
The properties flagged with brackets „[…]“ are not active yet. They will be implemented when they are needed by a customer.


The complete name of a DIRIS box from the VP series is composed of the product family „DIRIS Box VP“ and a code which comes from the customer demands. This code is explained below.


An example code:


Case size

„A“ – 104 mm x 29 mm x 104 mm

„B“ – 164 mm x 29 mm x 104 mm

Case mount

„“ – without mount

„F“ – flange (24 mm wider, 1 mm higher)

„H“ – top-hat rail

Resolution: SD, HD1, HD2

„SD“: up to 800×600 (with PAL/NTSC)

„HD1“: up to 1366×768 (1 Megapixel)

„HD2“: up to 1920×1080/1600×1200

Video ports


„C“: Component YcrCb


Audio ports

„“: no audio

„A“: headphone and line

Network ports

„“: no network / stand-alone

„E“: ethernet



Storage option

„“: only internal

„S“: SD card

„U“: USB (Memory Stick)

„H“: HDD/SSD with SATA

temperature range

„C“: 0..70 °C consumer

„“: -20..80°C DIRIS standard

„I“: -40..85°C industry

Individual configuration

If your configuration isn’t included in the codes above there is an optional customer code, for example „DIRIS Box VPB HD1 <Company name><n>“, which specific properties are documented in an annex to the offer, called the „project sheet“.


DIRIS Eigenschaften