Compact video recorder and camera controller with integrated display (1000cd/m²)

Based on the DIRIS D04-Board the 7-inch box offers a ready-made integrated solution that can be varied and supplemented according to customer specifications.


DIRIS 7-Zoll-Box
DIRIS 7-inch-box – compact video recorder
DIRIS 7-Zoll-Box
DIRIS 7-inch-box – compact video recorder

Features of the DIRIS 7-Zoll-Box:

  • Size: 180 mm * 130 mm * 26 mm
    (Special sizes and customized variants)
  • 7″-display with 1.024×600 Px and 1.000 cd/m², IPS
  • Video-IOs (alternative):
    • SD: FBAS (optional: S-Video)
    • AnalogHD/TVI/CVI
    • 3G-SDI
    • DVI (HDMI)
  • Additional video outputs
    • SD: FBAS
    • DVI (HDMI)
  • internal control connections allow customer-specific
    Function extension
  • Display with max. 100 ms delay
  • Video recording in H.264-format
  • 2 resolutions: SD (up to 1.024×600); HD (up to 1920×1080)
  • multiple storage options:
    internal, SD-Card, USB, SATA
  • JPG pictures while recording (with Picture-In-Picture-display)
  • Stereo audio, with an amplifier for microphone and headset
    PC and mobile headphones usable
    (with 2 or 1 headphone jacks)
  • multiple control options:
    buttons, μC, network, time and power
    • UART as LVTTL, RS-232, RS-422/RS-485
      (headphone jack external or cable connection internal)
    • Ethernet with TFTP and/or Streaming
  • Auto-Split – automatic splitting of long recordings
  • Pre-Trigger – recording of footage of up to 60 seconds of the past
  • mirror and rotate the camera input
  • flip, rotate and zoom the image display
  • Status information as display overlay
  • Overlay information in the recording
  • Configurable and controllable OSD display
    Free text input via pushbutton
  • 11 buttons (less or up to 13x)
    dynamic “labeling” on the display
  • 2-color power LED for status signaling
    (additional memory and status LEDs)
  • temperature range: -20..+80 °C (-40..85°C optional)
  • power supply 6..24 V (optional 3..6V or 9..36V)
  • Connection, power supply and control for camera and camera light
  • battery operation with integrated rechargeable battery
  • safe shut-down with super cap buffer

This “DIRIS-Box” can be supplied in different configurations according to concrete customer requirements

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