Video recorder for medicine and industry

The „DIRIS-Board B03“ is used as a universal VCR, covering different resolutions depending on the stage of development and offers a variety of interface options. To sum up, this DIRIS-Board has the following features:

  • Analog inputs: FBAS, S-Video, YCrCb (components), RGB
  • Digital Inputs: via external IO-Adapter (via 2-Wire-LVDS):
    HDMI/DVI, Display-LVDS, Camera-LVDS, SDI
  • Display with 100 ms maximum delay
  • Analog Display, alternatively been activated:
    FBAS + S-Video, YCrCb (Komponenten), RGB
  • Digital Display: Display-LVDS, HDMI/DVI, 2-Wire-LVDS for extern IO-Adapter
  • Video recording in H.264-format
  • 3 Variants of resolution: SD bis FullHD
  • Stereo audio, incl. Amplifier for micro and headset/speaker (2x 0,5 W or 2x 5 W)
  • Various storage options: intern, SD card, USB, SATA
  • JPG pictures during the video recording (also Picture-In-Picture-Mode)
  • Various options of control: button μC, network, time and power
  • Automatic splitting of long shots
  • Pre-Trigger - record up to 60 seconds from the past
  • Overlay information during recording mode
  • Status information as a display overlay
  • Configurable and controllable on-screen display (OSD)
  • External interfaces on FPC-Socket or 2-mm pin header;
    up or down, horizontal or vertical selectable.
    (Device interface via IO-Adapter)
  • Connection of 4 buttons (respectively 2x buttons plus rotary encoder) for control
  • Connection of 2x 2-Color LED
    (Memory and status) and 1x LED (power) for status signaling
  • Connection of Touch-Panel
  • Industrial temperature range -40..+85 °C
  • External power supply 9..36 V
  • Power supply for attached peripherals:
    SD-Card and USB-Memory-Stick
    2x Current incl. PWM and enable,
    e.g. for display backlight and camera
  • Battery operation with battery manager ZPBC2
  • Secure shut down on power failure with super capacitor manager ZPCC
DIRIS-Board D-[SD|HD1|HD2] “B03”
Mechanics and interfaces

This “Diris board” can be delivered in different configurations according to specific customer requirements.


The Evaluation-Kit is used as reference system.

DIRIS-Board B03 Evaluation Kit
DIRIS-Board “B03” Evaluation Kit
Example and reference system for the use of DIRIS-Board “B03”


These Evaluation-Kit has following responsibilities:

  • Test environment for the implementation and verification of function for the „DIRIS-Board “B03“
  • Reference installation for the integration of „DIRIS-Board B03“ in own products for customers
  • reliable reference environment around for future – e.g. critical use of the „DIRIS-Board B03“ in the product by the customer – who continue to verify correct operation of the „DIRIS-Board B03“
  • Creation of configurations to transfer / copy to other „DIRIS-Board B03“


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