DIRIS Eigenschaften

Compact Recorder Board with Standard Interfaces

The DIRIS B02-Board is a versatile video recorder. Variants support different resolution classes and multiple interface options.

picture of a B02 Board
DIRIS B02 Board for FBAS and S-Video
Foto von IO-Board B02
DIRIS B02 Board for HD-SDI

Features of the DIRIS B02-Board:

  • External interfaces with standard sockets at one edge of the board (alternatively over a cable with IO adapters)
  • Size: 100 mm * 80 mm
    height ~25 mm (dependant on chosen interfaces)
  • Video-input (dependant on B02 variant):
    • FBAS + S-Video
    • YCbCr (Components)
    • HD-SDI
    • HDMI/DVI
    • Camera-LVDS (eg. Panasonic/Sony)
  • Video-output (dependant on B02 variant):
    • FBAS + S-Video
    • YCbCr (Components)
    • HD-SDI
    • HDMI/DVI
    • Display-LVDS (eg. Panasonic/Sony)
  • display with a maximum of a 100 ms delay
  • video recording in H.264-format
  • 3 resolutions: SD up to FullHD
  • Stereo audio, with an amplifier for microphone and headset
    PC and mobile headphones usable
    (with 2 or 1 headphone jacks)
  • multiple storage options:
    internal, SD-Card, USB, SATA
  • JPG pictures while recording (with Picture-In-Picture-display)
  • multiple control options:
    buttons, μC, network, time and power
    • UART as LVTTL, RS-232, RS-422/RS-485
      (headphone jack external or cable connection internal)
    • Ethernet with TFTP and/or Streaming
  • Auto-Split - automatic splitting of long recordings
  • Pre-Trigger - recording of footage of up to 60 seconds of the past
  • Overlay information in the recording
  • Status information as a display overlay
  • controllable and customizable OSD
  • connection of up to 4 buttons (or 2 buttons plus a rotating button) for controlling
  • connection of 2 two colored LEDs (memory and status) and 1x LED (power)
  • temperature range: -20..+80 °C (-40..85°C optional)
  • power supply 5..24 V (optional 2,5..36V)
  • usable with battery with: battery management system “ZPBC”
  • safe shutdown at a power outage with: Super-Cap-manager ZPCC

The DIRIS-Board B02 can be delivered in various configurations depending on customers requirements.


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