With Standard Connectors, Pin Headers and/or ZIF/FPC for Device Integration

DIRIS-Boards are designed to be integrated into customers housings. Some DIRIS-Boards have standard sockets on-board to directly fit to the housing front panel. All interfaces are available as 2-mm pin headers or ZIF/FPC connectors for internal connection.

The following DIRIS-Board variants are available:

All DIRIS-Boards have the typical properties of the DIRIS-systems (refer to:“OEM product concept”).

DIRIS-Boards can be used as a mobile system, because of the battery management or Super-Cap-Puffer. These can also provide a Save-power-down-protection (refer to:(“Accessories – Power management”).

IO-Adapters providing standard sockets for external connection and special cables (refer to: „Accessories – cables“) are available as accessories, matching the internal 2mm and FPC/ZIF connectors of the DIRIS-Boards.

The DIRIS-Boards can be altered to customer specific needs, if demanded.

DIRIS Eigenschaften