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Really convenient product, with some unique traits:

Tischkalender 2017

  • easy installation: simply fold it and put it on a horizontal space (e.g. your table)
  • no power supply needed
  • ALWAYS displays the current day when used right
  • good reliability, proven with a 1 month long test
  • 365 days organized in 12 months
  • including 1 free month
  • system failure only occurs when used improperly (e.g. pushing it from the table top)
  • small space requirements: only approx. 97 mm x 78 mm space is needed
  • highlighted holidays
  • optional use: learning new languages (Months and days displayed in 4 different languages)

Unlike other DIRIS-products it only has a lifespan of 12 months (+1 extra month).

Sorry: all special text is written in German

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