DIRIS-Scratch-Alarm Demo

Product Status: Wanted Pilot Customer!

  • advanced scratching detection in puplic transportation vehicles

  • reduces scratching damage by up to 90%

  • central unit supervises a group in one carriage

  • possible reaction to detected scratching

    • alarm sound

    • signaling via network

    • signaling via RF

    • signaling via GSM, eg. SMS

  • time stamp to video recording

  • temper proof

  • false alarm resistant

Scratching Alarm System Scratch Sensor
  • detects scratching on window panes

  • alert via RF transmission to central unit

  • one sensor for each window pane (any location)

  • around the clock operation

  • multi step signal analysis

  • detects and alerts removal

  • easy installation and calibration

  • hemisphere housing (fully sealed)

  • very long battery lifetime (8 years) due to dynamic power management


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