DIRIS Eigenschaften

The ideal solution for your requirements

DIRIS products are OEM components that are supplied to suit different mechanical requirements in three different forms: as a module, board or box.
In addition to the DIRIS video system X-SPEX offers some accessories that fit very well to the DIRIS video system but can also be useful with other electronic products.
Furthermore, there are some additional products which are not directly related to the DIRIS products.

Diris-Logo DIRIS-Module
For seamless integration with a small required space,
with board-2-board connectors for PCB integration
Diris-Logo DIRIS-Board
Maximum flexibility and precise mechanics,
with pin headers or standard connectors for device integration
Diris-Logo DIRIS-Box
Robust devices for different environmental requirements,
with standard connectors for connection with standard devices
Diris-Logo Accessories – Power Supply
Different modules extend the DIRIS boards to provide additional opportunities for the power supply.
Diris-Logo Accessories – IO-Adapters
The DIRIS-IO-Adapters have ESD protection at the interfaces (type: TVS-Diode), filtered PWR/ GND connection and Earth-Ring.
Diris-Logo Accessories – Cable
The cables required to connect Diris boards, IO adapters and power modules are offered as accessories.
Diris-Logo Accessories – IO-Module
A variety of IO-modules offer many different connection options with the same DIRIS-Board.
Diris-Logo Accessories – Tools
Diris-Logo Additional Products
Variety of products with many different uses