Transparent and reliable business conditions ensure the lasting and trusting relationship between X-SPEX and our DIRIS OEM customers.
With X-SPEX each DIRIS customer has a supplier to whom he can always rely on:

  • We guarantee a permanent availability, as long as at least one order per year is made.
  • We supply series of 20-10000, which can be divided into several delivery lots.
    Our “regular customer calculation” leads to reduced prices depending on the number of purchased products before of the same performance class.
  • We guarantee absolute confidentiality, that means, we will only notify someone that you’re shopping with us, if this was released by you before.
  • We guarantee an identical transparent calculation basis and consequently identical prices for identical delivery for all customers.
  • As a large number of customers get a customized variant of a DIRIS product, the serial production beginns after the order is received. For a fast response time framework contracts and delivery can be arranged.



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