The DIRIS technology is an optimal connection between mature standard product and the fulfillment of individual requirements.
Through a sophisticated module concept two proberties for software and hardware which are contradictory in itself are combined:

  1. Requirements and functional mechanics individually fitted to the customer
  2. Reliability, performance, and rapid availability of a standard product

For each DIRIS product, there are 2 components in a few highly-optimized variants that are used identically in each DIRIS product:

  1. The CPU module (“X-module” called): It has all the potentially relevant interfaces, in particular universal digital video interfaces.
  2. The DIRIS software: Mastered all potential features and includes the drivers for all supported interfaces.

According to customers’ requirements 1 to 3 items are created individually:

  1. Configuration information that affect the behavior of the software
  2. The IO board with the physical interfaces (for DIRIS board and DIRIS box)
  3. The Housing (for DIRIS-Box)
    For IO-Boards is underway to standardize as many variants for different application scenarios. Therefore, a special IO-Board is usually only required for special mechanical requirements.

The reliable implementation of individualization is ensured by the following measures:

Project sheet: Schematic processing of specific customer requirements

A variety of equipment options provide by combining a customized configuration for the products, e.g. Ethernet, Wi-Fi, UMTS, OnBoard-Storage, Card-Slot, SSD, …

These are grouped together schematically and in categories:
Diese werden schematisch und in Kategorien zusammen gefasst erfasst:

  • Mechanic
  • Environment
  • Power Supply
  • Live-Inputs
  • Live-Outputs
  • Control Interfaces
  • Control Source
  • Funktions
  • Tracing
  • Possibiltys of Configuration
  • Physical Interfaces
  • Approvals/ Certifications


Options: Options by modularity of hardware and software

For the calculation of the product price, the processed customer requirements will be assigned to various options.

Meet different requirements through configuration

In DIRIS products a fixed functionality is integrated, which is controlled by configuration files, remote control or local control.
Many properties of a DIRIS product can be configured at the run-time, e.g. Video codec, encoding parameters and operating modes. There are also optical parameters, such as color and font selection, as soon as all menu-texts are selectable. Thereby different end products which are using DIRIS components can be designed completely differently for the user. The exchange of menu-text and font almostly allows any adjustment to different languages.
The customer selected configuration of a DIRIS product can be stored in a file and imported into the same or another identical unit.

Master Configuration: Pre-selection for end-users

The extensive configuration options of DIRIS products are very convenient for direct OEM customers, but for the end user (i.e., your own customers) possibly too large. Therefore, there is a so-called “Master Configuration”, with the OEM customer specifies not only the default parameters, but also what configuration options are visible for the end user. Consequently, our OEM customer can specificly control which options he wants to provide to its own customers/ end users and which are hidden for good reason.

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