DIRIS Eigenschaften

Evaluation Kit - Ready to run Reference Systems

An “Evaluation Kit” is a combination of Diris boards with matching IO adapters, which runs independently. Even if a user wants to buy a special DIRIS board series, we even provide a complete evaluation kit as a function reference.

An immediately runnable evaluation kit enables quick application and integration of DIRIS products.

The Evaluation-Kit meets different requirements:

  • Test environment for the implementation and verification of function and performance on DIRIS systems
  • Reference design for the integration of DIRIS system in its own customer products
  • Reliable reference environment to the requirements – e.g. critical use of the DIRIS system in the customers product – furthermore to verify correct operation of the DIRIS system
  • Creation of configurations to transfer/ copy to other DIRIS systems
DIRIS-Board B03 Evaluation Kit
DIRIS-Board “B03” Evaluation Kit
Example and reference system for the use of DIRIS-Board “B03”


The following figure shows the evaluation kit for the DIRIS module “V-Recs M”. By pre-assembly in case it is used immediately after plugging in the AC adapter.


A simple Evaluation Kit for a small DIRIS-Board (in the center) is shown here:

Figure: V-Recs Evaluation Kit
Figure: V-Recs Evaluation Kit
Special Evaluation Kit for custom Diris Board
Figure: Special Evaluation Kit for custom DIRIS Board


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