High-quality standard features and many choices

DIRIS products are high quality OEM-Components for integration into high-end video and audio equipment as well as appropriate installations. Behind the DIRIS products is a unique product- and technology concept. Thanks to this well thought-out concept DIRIS products can be flexibly adjusted to the specific requirements of your application field.

Development and production takes place in Germany at the Technology Park Berlin-Adlershof, thus allowing short distances and direct communication.


Abbildung: Logisches Funktionsprinzip aller DIRIS Produkte
Figure: Logical functional principle of the DIRIS products


Various elements of the DIRIS OEM product concept will be documented on the following pages.

The product concept provides a number of technical variants and combination possibilities that are individually tailored to the specific application and customer requirements:


  • Mass Customization: Individual Standard Product
    Die DIRIS technology provides the optimum connection between a mature standard product (with all the benefits that standardization offers) and the fulfillment of individual requirements.
  • Product Styles: Modules, Board or Box
    DIRIS products are made according to customer requirements in the proper mechanics as compact modules, flexible boards or complete boxes and delivered in series.
  • Functional Groups: Functional range suitable for different requirements
    From simple (and inexpensive) display-only systems to complex products with live image processing.
  • Resolution classes: Video resolution from CIF up to Full-HD
    Matching price / performance ratio for different requirements.
  • Inputs/Outputs: Various video and audio interfaces to choose
    Practically all common source and output media, including CMOS sensor, display panel and audio with digital amplifier.
  • Storage media: From Micro-SD-Card to SATA-HDD
    Mass storage devices for different needs either on-board integrated into or connected externally and changeable.
  • Control: Autonomous operation, local operation and remote control
    can be operated locally (button or touch screen), controlled by a nearby microcontroller via UART, or controlled from any Network interface remotely.
  • Network: Communication via Cable or Remote-Connection
    Streaming and control from remote systems via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and UMTS.
  • Robust Power Supply: Simple to complex adaptive
    In the simplest case the power supply is regulated by a reliable regulated power supply unit. If necessary, it can also meet automotive requirements, include a charging function for battery operation or responds to a spontaneous power-OFF of a super capacitor buffering.
  • Environmental Protection: Resource saving in energy and material consumption
    DIRIS products need very little power, are particularly long for use and require minimal material resources due to the compact design.
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