Multi-Channel Entertainment with Individual Control


As DIRIS systems can act as both a source and as a sink, so
networking and as a result live broadcast or -distribution is possible.
Figure: Example of the construction of a distributed entertainment system


Example “electronic tourist guide on the bus”

  • Tourists can choose between 8 languages
  • Driver releases announcements by pushing a button
  • 1 Audio Server
  • 4 harnesses each with up to 16 audio nodes (2 Headphones per node)
  • Power supply of the nodes on the server
  • Power and data supply in one cable per strand
  • Audio in digital quality

A mobile infotainment system for a bus

Merkmale Audio Server

  • Playback of a spezific playlist
    • Play
    • Stop/Break
    • Forward/Back search
    • Forward/Back skip
  • SD-card or USB-Stick as data storage
  • Display of the current station / title in the display
  • extern Audio-Input, z.B for driver announcements
  • Power and data supply in one cable per strand
  • operation via touch screen

Mobile infotainment system with display in a bus

Attributes of an Audio node

  • Connections for 2 mono headsets
  • seperate volume control
  • seperate channel selection (1 to 8 audio channels)
  • additional information at the Display
    (language, channel, station and so on,…)

Example for a video/ Audio-network

Hardware Audio Server

  • 24V/2A power supply for server and nodes
  • 4x D-Sub 9 for network
  • 15″ Touch-Screen
  • DSP, storage, … for digital audio processing
  • Line-Input for external signals
  • Line-Output for bus-speakers

Mobile infotainment system with display in a bus

Hardware for an audio node

  • headest 2x 3,5 mm jack
  • 3 buttons pushbuttons apiece (volume, channel)
  • DSP, audio codec
  • 2x D-Sub 9 sockets for Daisy-Chain-Wiring
  • LVDS transmitter/ receiver on every node
  • Dot Matrix Display
  • Optional external storage/ storage card as temporary audio-storage

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