Information and Advertising from 4“ to Full-HD-Big-Size-Display


Multi-Player-Installation mit Funk-Vernetzung
Figure: Multi-Player-Installation with Remote-Network

DIRIS products offer media and live playback mode in reliable continuous operation, both indoors and outdoors. Even from a distance they can be flexibly controlled. The delivery of media content can be wired or wireless done. The presentation of additional information, graphical user menus or picture-in-picture views without any problem. Diris products also save costs by low power-consumption and, thus contribute mainly in continuous use to protect the environment.


Special properties of DIRIS products for commercial & advertising are:

  • Seamless switching between video films in endless mode
    (no black screen during the transition)
  • Efficient centralized control and configuration via SMIL and thus by any SMIL-compliant content management system (CMS)
  • Reliable 24/7 operation
  • Minimal power consumption (SD 2W / HD 5W) allows minimum running costs and several hours of battery operation
  • No cooling (SD) or simple passive cooling (HD) enables closed housing and easy installation without risk of damage by heat
  • Optional IP networking via Ethernet, WiFi or UMTS
  • Outdoor use, even without air conditioning (optional industrial temperature range)
  • At +/- 1 frame accurate synchronized playback of parallel Player
    (optional Accuracy ≤1 ms)


For commercial & advertising, there are, inter alia, the following applications:

  • Digital Price Label
    Compact free ads to 10″ locally networked by favorable concatenation via 2-wire line cascaded as long chains, e.g. for freezers optional interactive product information by touch screen operation
  • Video player in sales displays
    Reliable continuous operation with time and / or CMS-controlled content
    Elegant integration by compactness
    e.g. with 7 “display, including touch controls approximately 11.4 mm (without touch about 11.0 mm)
  • FullHD advertising player
    Alternatively, direct integration panel LVDS or standard connection for HDMI and / or DVI
    Optional audio and amplifier (2x 5W @ 4Ω to 4x30W @ 8Ω)
  • Information- and Presantation terminal in portrait mode
    Optional dual LVDS output for Back-2-Back operation of two displays
    Elegant terminal designs possible (only 10 mm thick, with dual LVDS output)
  • Product and price information in the counter area to large display for gastronomy
    Centralized management and dynamic updating (e.g. sales promotion) by CMS
    Sales incentives by creating animations and/ or (partial) video recordings
    Ideal for snack chains, coffee / bakery street sales and similar sales situations
  • Digital Promotional Poster
    Digital update with animation option instead of material-and labor-intensive poster updates in showcase
    Sales incentives by creating animations and/ or (partial) video recordings
    Ideal for food action with regular action sales
  • Event-Player with Live Input
    Direct-established content, for example as a mix of the live camera content with video playback
  • Demo Plattform for Display-Sales
    Due to compact design, high reliability and ease of implementation of many variants perfectly suited as a representative and neutral demonstration platform in sales of displays.

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