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Exhibition Embedded World 2019: DIRIS Digital Video Recorder Boards are now available bundled with selected displays.

DIRIS-Board Display-Bundle

Abb.1: DIRIS-Board/Display-Bundle shown with additional video input and output [Download in 4.080×2.880: cick on image!]

At the Embedded World Exhibition (Feb 26th to 28th, 2019 in Nuremberg) X‑SPEX, the specialist for industrial video recorders from Berlin/Germany, enhances the product range. A special feature of DIRIS video recorder boards is direct control of displays with parallel or LVDS interfaces. To support customer choice, X-SPEX has made a preselection of displays with regard to the following parameters:

  • min. 650 cd/m²

  • min. -20..70°C

  • with or without capacitive touch screen

  • 7“ oder 10.1“ (SD: 1,024×600 Pixel; HD: 1,280×800 pixel)
    5“ SD 800×480 pixel

The DIRIS-Board/Display-Bundle includes all cable and is ready-to-use. An optional, exchangeble screen protector (either 6H or 9H) reduced the risk of damage in rough use cases.

Connectors for power, video/audio and storage media are available on-board. Additional interfaces can be added using IO-Adapters (see photo with different video inputs and outputs).

The DIRIS-Board/Display-Bundle features a lot more than high-quality video recording and play-back, such as

  • Live view with < 100 ms delay

  • Overlay of date/time (configurable positon and format)

  • Multi line overlay text (changeable by keyboard, config file, UART, ethernet)

  • Digital zoom (configurable steps)

  • IP Streaming, internal FTP Server, push service to an external FTP server

A flexible OEM configuration regarding all graphics, TTF font, colour selection, menu structure, all texts (different selectable languages, too) enables individual adaptation to requirements, branding and corporate identity of different OEM customers.

The DIRIS-Board/Display-Bundle is the ideal OEM component for all devices needing video recording and visualization. It enables minimal effort for development and production.

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About X-SPEX

X-SPEX is specialist for industrial video systems. X-SPEX offers OEM components capable of vizualization, recording and playback of videos, designed for industrial and medical applications. Important values are industrial quality, simple usage, versatile configuration and, if demanded, customer specific variations of our products. The company, founded in January 2003, develops hardware and software in Berlin/Germany. DIRIS products are manufactured with different EMS partners in Germany.

X-SPEX is exhibitor at the Embedded World exhibition for more than 10 years at the same location: hall 1, booth 1-481.

Information on X-SPEX:
Information on the DIRIS B02-Board:

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Raymond Horn, CEO/Founder

Albert-Einstein-Str. 14
12489 Berlin

T: +49 30 / 7076 1364

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