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Industrial video recording board with variable ports

X-SPEX, the specialist for video systems from Berlin presents a new member of the DIRIS product family, the BO2 Board. Like all DIRIS systems it is used for recording, storing, processing, transmission as well as playback of video in H.264 format. On only 100 mm x 80 mm space, in a temperature range from -20…80°C (extendable to -40…85°C), the DIRIS Board offers standard ports, multiple external interfaces with EVM and ESD protection. The interfaces can alternatively be connected by cable or FFC wiring, in case the ports can’t be reached as the result of the integration into the customers device. The video surfaces of the new DIRIS product are only analogue (FBAS, S-Video and YPbPr). Digital variants with HD-SDI, HDMI/DVI and LVDS are planned and will be released in the near future.

The perfect quality of video and audio of the DIRIS B02 Board are ensured by filters in the anologue interfaces and in the port for the power supply. The device is controlled by connecting buttons and LEDs via UART or Ethernet. UART is optionally provided with LVTTL, RS232 or RS422/485. The power supply makes a universal use of the B02 Board possible, it is designed to handle voltages of either 5…24 V or 2,5…36 V.

The video recording comes with special features, for example the “Pre trigger buffer” (recording of up to 60 seconds from the past) and auto split (seamless jump to a new file after a certain amount of time or file size). A delay of only up to 100 ms makes a camera based control of devices, which integrate the DIRIS B02 board possible. „The DIRIS system software provides an adaption through configuration to a variety of requirements and wishes.”, says Raymond Horn, CEO of X-SPEX, “If a customer still has additional requirements we can meet them individually”.

We alternatively offer the B02 Board in a compact housing as a B02 box version.

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About X-SPEX

X-SPEX offers OEM components for recording and playback of audio and video for industrial and medical applications. We put our focus on the industrial quality, simple usage, flexible configuration and, if demanded, customer specific adaptations. X-SPEX was founded in January 2003 and we have, since then, developed hardware and software directly in Berlin. The assembly of the DIRIS products is ensued with different partners from all over Germany. Additional information about X-SPEX can be found on


Raymond Horn, CEO
Albert-Einstein-Street 14
12489 Berlin

Telephone: +49 30 678 178 00


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Foto von IO-Board B02
picture 1: DIRIS B02 Board with variable ports


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