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updated: Jan 25th, 2016


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Selected Products (see details below)

B02-Board (NEW!) VRecsL-Module ZPBC2 IO-Adapters (NEW!) B03-Board

DIRIS OEM Video Platform for Industrial and Medical products (Content for Exhibition Guide)

The company X-SPEX is developer and manufacuturer of the “DIRIS“ OEM video platform. This is a collection of components for recording, processing, transmitting/streaming, and playing of video and audio for industrial grade applications. Control of DIRIS system can be performed either by buttons+LEDs and/or serial interface and/or network (incl. WIFI and/or UMTS). DIRIS systems for OEM customers are easy to manage and easy to integrate into products and applications.

At the Embedded World 2016 exhibition X-SPEX presents the DIRIS B02-Board for the first time. The DIRIS B02-Board comprises multiple standard sockets for video, audio, control and storage media. Its small size of just 100 * 80 mm² makes it well suitable for integration into small devices.

Application Areas

  • Industrial: robust endoscopy/visualization and networked displays
  • Medical: low-delay endoscopy/visualization with picture-in-picture (PIP)
  • Traffic: robust (multi channel) recording, passenger info (mobile/stationary)
  • Security and Surveillance: long-term video recording with WIFI/UMTS option
  • Building: Signage and intercom (encapsulated/no cooling)
  • Trade and Advertisement: Digital Signage from 4“ to FullHD displays

DIRIS Product Groups

  • DIRIS-Modules small, compact video recorders (only 40 mm x 75 mm) for PCB integration by the customer
  • DIRIS-Board Recorder multiple interface and functional options for housing integration into customers products
  • DIRIS-Board Player direct display interface (LVDS) or HDMI (WIFI and UMTS option)
  • DIRIS-Box independent, stand-alone devices with standard interfaces
  • ZPBC2 autonomous battery management for mobile devices
  • accessories IO adapters, cables, …

The modular concept of the DIRIS OEM video platform enables customer specific variations of standard products.

DIRIS Product Features

  • 3 resolution classes: SD to FullHD
  • low propagation delay of 100 ms max. from video input to output (0 ms with 0-Delay option)
  • stereo audio, incl. microphone and headphone amplifier
  • Various storage options: internal, SD-card, USB, SATA
  • Video recording in H.264-format
  • JPG pictures during the video recording (also Picture-In-Picture-Mode)
  • Auto-Split – Automatic splitting of long shots
  • Pre-Trigger – record up to 60 seconds from the past
  • real time clock (RTC) with configurable video overlay format
  • State information as a display overlay
  • (remote) control at the device and/or serial interface and/or network (WIFI and UMTS option)
    • Connection of 4 buttons (resp. 2x buttons plus rotary encoder) for control
    • Connection of 2x 2-Color LED (memory and status) and 1x LED (power) for status signaling
  • temperature range -20..+80 °C (-40..85°C optional)
  • careful layout for high signal integrity and very good EMI properties

“MADE IN GERMANY“ – development and production in Germany!

X‑SPEX, Hall 1 Stand 481

Contact: Raymond Horn

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Selected Products

5 selected products can be presented at the online exhibitor presentation of the Embedded World exhibition.

Please find additional informationen on all DIRIS products here.

DIRIS B02-Board with standard sockets *** NEW! ***

Foto von DIRIS B02-Board
DIRIS B02-Board – Variant with CVBS and S-Video plus Audio

The DIRIS B02-Board is a versatile video recorder being available in different resolution classes providing multiple interface options.

special features of DIRIS B02-Board:

  • Size: 100 mm * 80 mm, height approx. 25 mm (depending on selected interfaces)
  • External interfaces with standard socket at one PCB edge
  • Audio usable with PC headset (2x audio jacks) und phone headset (1x audio jack)
  • different video inputs (depending on product variant):
    CVBS (PAL/NTSC), S-Video (PAL/NTSC), YPbPr (component), HD-SDI, HDMI/DVI, Camera LVDS (e.g. Panasonic/Sony)
  • different video outputs (depending on product variant):
    CVBS + S-Video (PAL/NTSC), YPbPr (component), HD-SDI, HDMI/DVI, Display LVDS (18 and 24 bit)


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DIRIS VRecsL-Module for PCB integration with analog video IO

Foto von VRecsL
DIRIS VRecsL-Module – small size with analog video inputs and outputs

The small DIRIS VRecsL-Module is a mezzanine module with board-2-board connectors for PCB integration.

Due to it’s small size it is ideal for adding video recording function to existing products.

special features of DIRIS VRecsL-Module:

  • Size: 75 mm x 40 mm
  • board-2-board connectors for PCB integration
  • multiple analog video formats (input and output): CVBS (PAL/NTSC), S-Video (PAL/NTSC), YPbPr (component)


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Accessory: ZPBC2 for transparent use of LiO/LiFePO4 batteries

„ZPBC2A“ – LiO/LiFePO4 battery controller

The ZPBC2 is a µC driven management module for LiO/LiFePO4 battery packs with 2 to 4 cells. ZPBC2 is connected as a T-piece among the power supply, battery and the device. It either works completely autonomous or communicates with the device.

special features of ZPBC2 battery management:

  • size: 65 mm x 26 mm
  • charge current = 2,5A (versions with 5,0 A und 7,5 A planed)
  • stand-by power: approx. 1 mA oder 0.0 mA (2 variants)
  • configuration by UART from PC, e.g. max. input and charge currents
  • temperature range: -20 bis +80°C


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Accessory: IO-Adapters with standard sockets (with EMI filters and ESD protection) *** NEW! ***

IO-Adapter Examples: Power + SD-Card + Audio + Video

IO-Adapters connect internal pin headers or ZIF/FPC sockets of DIRIS-Boards to the external world providing standard sockets. All cable needed for those connections are available as accessories too.

special features of IO-Adapter:

  • uniform/regular dimensions
    Width 30, 40 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm oder 100 mm
    outer holes to inner holes always 20 mm distance
  • all attachments M2,5
  • internal ports FPC/ZIF or assembled cables with 2,00 mm Pitch (assembly option)
    power-connection with 3 mm Pitch (up to 5 A)
  • high signal quality provided by careful layout
  • Special EMV and ESD-concept
    • careful layout
    • ESD protection through TVS diodes and high voltage-capacitor against ext.GND (Earth)
    • EMI tolerance through ferrits (und Filter)
    • outer attachments = ext.GND (Earth); inner attachments = System-GND

Special variants on customers request, e.g. 50 cm long connection for SD-Cards.

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DIRIS B03-Board with multiple video input and output interfaces

DIRIS B03-Board
DIRIS B03-Board – pin headers and/or ZIF/FPC connectors for all interfaces

The DIRIS B03-Board is a versatile video recorder providing multiple output interfaces that can be switched during operation.

special features of DIRIS B03-Board:

  • size: 120 mm * 100 mm
  • External interfaces by ZIF/FPC socket or 2-mm pin header; horizontal or vertical types selectable.
    (device interface via IO-Adapter)
  • analog video inputs: CVBS (PAL/NTSC), S-Video (PAL/NTSC), YPbPr (component)
  • digital video inputs: 2-Wire-LVDS for distant video sources
  • analog video outputs: CVBS + S-Video (PAL/NTSC), YPbPr (component)
  • digital video outputs: Display-LVDS, HDMI/DVI
  • connection of touch panel


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